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The human brain, with its billions of neurons and trillions of synapses making it one of the most important organs responsible for emotions, memory, speech,  thoughts, and behavior. Being a vital and jelly-like structure, it is all protected by cranial bones. The spinal cord, working as a link between the brain and peripheral nerves controls breathing, urination, bowel movements, and position of arms, legs while moving. It also carries the sensation of cold and hot temperature via peripheral nerves. Together with brain, spine, and peripheral nerves form the one complete nervous system.

Being such an important part of one’s body, diseases related to it, lead to major disability. Many conditions like tumor, infection, stroke, trauma, vascular malformations, and degenerative spine disease make it difficult for the patient to live life fully. Many of these conditions make the patient dependent on his family members for a lifetime.  With continue improving science and technology we are able to understand the nature of one’s illness. With the improvement in imaging techniques like CT, MRI, and DSA scan we are now diagnosing many of these conditions very early.  Surgeries for stroke, brain and spine tumors, vascular malformations, prolapsed intervertebral discs are now safer with advancements in operating microscope and endoscope. In neurological emergencies like stroke, head injury, spinal trauma, every minute counts and timely treatment will improve the outcome of the patient avoiding major disability later in life. Unfortunately, the important time is wasted in searching for the right specialist.

Areas of Expertise

Head Injury

Cerebrovascular Surgery

Brain tumors

Pediatric Neurosurgery


Brain & Spinal Infection

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Spinal Tumors

Pediatric Spinal Conditions

Craniovertebral Junction Surgery

Neck Pain

Low Back Pain

Areas of Expertise
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